Utility Deluxe Street Legal Golf Cart at Street Legal NY

This street legal golf cart comes complete with seating for two and an extra long 4.6′ long cargo bed. Complete with a hydraulic dumping feature, this is a popular fit for maintenance applications. This vehicle is also available with a fixed cargo bed for a reduced price. Larger and smaller cargo beds are available as well.

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Full dimensions(feet): 14.4′ x 4′ x 6.5′
Ground Clearance(inches): 5″
Max Forward Speed: 20-25mph
Wheelbase: 126″
Motor: 4KW (5.5HP)
Running Distance: up to 50 miles
Tires: 205/50-10
Standard Features: 10″ aluminum rims, light package, horn, wood grain steering wheel, wood grain dashboard, wood grain back rests, digital speedometer, 12v power outlet, digital dashboard, street legal under low speed vehicle laws
Batteries: 8pcs Trojan 105 (Made in USA)
Controller: Curtis Sepex 1268 (Made in USA)
Charger: Eagle on Board (Made in USA)
Brakes: 4 wheel hydraulic with hand brake
Suspension: Front and rear plate spring + cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
Windshield: DOT with wiper
Turning Radius: 15 feet
Outside Left tire to Outside Right tire: 40"
Center Left tire to Center Right tire: 34"
Inside Left tire to Inside Right tire: 28"
Cargo Area: Included

Shipping Information

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We have access to a network of automobile trailers that transport up the east coast and across to the west coast on a regular basis. When possible, vehicles can be shipped in enclosed trailers to deliver your new vehicle in showroom condition for an additional charge.

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